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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taking the bull by its horns - 16 Days of Activism! 16 Actions steps

THIS year we are taking the bull by its horns! We have lined up awareness raising activities for young people, women and men living in Queens Park and Kingsdale in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Activities lined up for this year’s celebrations will increase recognition, support and respect for our local initiatives aimed at upholding Communication Rights which will lead to the recognition, implementation and protection of other human rights. We will raise awareness of how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can be used negatively by perpetrators of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
-          We have planned onsite visits to our newly established offices where people will be exposed to new ICTs.   
-          We will hold discussions of how GBV and Violence Against Women (VAW and children can be committed using ICTs.
-          We will shows women and girls how they can protect themselves from GBV committed using ICTs.
-          We will have a Blog-a-thon and ‘run a 16 Days of Activism marathon online aimed at documenting all our activities as a means of documenting and raising awareness of GBV and VAW in Zimbabwe.
-          A local visual artist will work with our beneficiaries to use visual art to portray VAW and children.
-          Our citizen journalism programme will address GBV issues and VAW.
-          We will partner with a local church to commemorate this important day with women and girls living with mental health problems.
-          We will close the curtains for the 16 Days of Activism with a gallery walk to showcase GBV paintings produced locally by women and girls in Kingsdale and Queens Park.

In short, this year’s activities will be memorable as we set our feet firmly on the ground to reach and serve women and girls in Zimbabwe.Follow us to learn more about our activities.