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Thursday, June 20, 2013

CCCD winds up a highly successful campaign

It has been 12 month roller-coaster voyage. We emerged from our humble domain with gusto and established ourselves as one of the pillars of support to hundreds of women and girls in Bulawayo North district.   

As the curtain finally comes down on the institutional capacity development support project that was funded by the African Women Development Fund (AWDF) in June 2012, we stand with our heads held high and proud of our achievements.

It all started with a simple email from the AWDF that we received in one of the congested internet cafés in downtown Bulawayo city in June 2012. The email carried the good tidings that AWDF had approved a USD20.000 request from CCCD for institutional development. Since then, we have been growing from one level to another and in the process establishing ourselves as one of the fastest growing community based organizations in the Bulawayo Metropolitan province.

The grant enabled us to secure office space at one of the most strategic positions in our area of operation. Soon after securing the office space, we embarked on a mission to put in place the necessary infrastructure relevant for the exercise that we wanted to fulfill. We also secured a state of the art communication system that has made internet cafés a thing of the past. We have proper office desks, chairs and computers that are coveted by colleagues who visit us.
The funding also enabled us to institute mission-driven staff development, strengthen governance measures, institute appropriate organisational management systems and strengthen gender and Information and Communication Technologies advocacy. The recent re-branding exercise that saw the organization assuming a new corporate logo and launching a website is an icing to the cake. Our presence on the World Wide Web also saw us launching a Facebook account which already has more than 80 likes.
As the curtain comes down on the project, CCCD is now firmly positioned and her impact felt. We are geared to move from our roots in Bulawayo North district to touch the lives of women and girls in the greater Bulawayo Metropolitan province and beyond.

We are proud of our association with the African Women Development Fund and we thank them for their investment in the work that we do.