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Thursday, June 20, 2013

CCCD launches new brand

The Creative Centre for communication and Development (CCCD) has assumed a new face after unveiling a new logo and launching a new website.

The new look logo has already received widespread thumps-up from our beneficiaries who say the logo reflects the nature of our work and is easy to comprehend. The logo features the organisation’s abbreviation; CCCD and two people with heads together to represent CCCD working closely with the community for a common developmental goal. The colour contrast represents our cultural tolerance and diversity. The gold colour shows our warmth, power, love, value, hope and strength. The black represents the awakening of the sleeping giants in the community.
The new website, features in-depth information about our history, our work, projects implemented and images. The website is the window into the plans, hopes, and achievements of the Creative Centre for Communication and Development and a pointer to the journey we have travelled to be where we are today.

Through these developments, CCCD wishes to be more visible so as to reach the local and global community. The impacts of these developments have been instant. We were all excited that soon after launching our Facebook account, we got a message from Sahni Neelam who is based in India. She was interested by our work and requested information on how she can contribute to the development of the organization.
We will continue to embrace new technologies and use them effectively to change the lives of women and girls that we work with.