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Monday, July 1, 2013

New Equipment Augments Sustainability Plan

Resources Mobilisation activities for the Creative Centre for Communication and Development have been enhanced thanks to some newly acquired equipment. The equipment will form a key component in rolling out the organisation’s three year Resources Mobilisation Strategy.
A Canon EOS 40D digital camera and Acer DLP 3D projector were purchased using savings that accrued from a grant awarded to the organisation by the African Women Development Fund. The equipment will be used to improve the quality of services offered by the organisation. This will aid the organisation to deliver its mission, increase the organisation’s financial base and diversify its sources of income.
The organisation’s Resources Mobilisation primary focus is growth while visibility and sustainability form its secondary focus. The strategy details tactics to adopt, priorities to consider and ways to maximise resources mobilisation efforts that propel the organisation toward achieving its strategic goals.
To date the equipment has been used during trainings, to document the organisation’s activities and facilitate fundraising events.