Strategically using ICTs to amplify voices of silenced groups

Friday, April 23, 2010

Building and Recognizing Communication Rights in Zimbabwe

From November 2009 to date, the Creative Centre for Communication and Development has been training women and girls to use computers. We are teaching them basic computer skills in order to increase their ability to harness the power of INformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to advance their communication rights.

We initially conducted a needs assessment at the beginning of Novemebr 2009. The needs assessment revealed that 95 percent of the women and girls had never used a computer. The few who had used a computer were not confident enough to use them to advance their communication rights and other human rights.

During the same month, we initiated a training programme solely aimed at teaching these women and girls to use computers. We taught them to use Mictosoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Once they master these programmes, we will teach them to how to use the Internet and Web 2.0 to enable them to actively participate on other social networks.

Due to limited space, we have converted a veranda into a "Computer Lab". We have three computers and the women and gilrs that we are training have lessons five times a week.